Thursday, 23 November 2017

RAXOLA - s/t LP 1978

Fantastic debut album by Raxola, a Belgian punk band which formed 1977 by Yves Kengen, who previously played in Bastard with Brian James. They are, with The Kids and Hubble Bubble, one of the three Belgian bands to have had the opportunity to record an album from the beginning of the punk era. They split up in 1979 after their record company fired them for becoming too progressive (!) but reformed in 2003. After two 7Inches and playin' some gigs they recorded a new album 'Guts Out' and brought it out on their own in 2017. Somehow the song 'Old Rat' has been in my head for days and I was not able to find the fuckin' band... doch nun endlich ist es vollbracht und ich kann wieder schlafen.... well, not everything is shit in my head. You find them as well on relevant compilations.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


"Oi! Saufen! Prost Metzger!", nice slogan - clear message: Die Arschgebuiden were a Hardcore/Punk from Darmstadt and they released two EP's, a live one and a few tracks on diverse compilations. They had a left political background/lyrics and their agressive sound fits excellently every scumbag! This record here comes in a fouldout poster sleeve and if you like german Hardcore, you're orgasm is near. I don't know many bands from Darmstadt, although I was often there and this Science city have a nice underground scene and a variety of beautiful clubs (Oettinger Villa, Goldene Krone, etc...) too. Presumably, it's up to the premises there or are financial reasons to start a punk band, because punks there a many. Scheiß drauf!, this is a fine record and right for every party.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

SKIDS - Sweet Suburbia 7'' 1978

Back to the good ole days and let's enter Scotland and meet the Skids, a four piece punk/wave band from Dunfermline/Fine, founded 1977 by Stuart Adamson (guitar, keyboards, percussion + vocals), William Simpson (bass + vocals), Thomas (drums) and Richard Jobson (vocals, guitar + keyboards). Well, this is I think their second 7Inch with two nice powerful mid-tempo caramel biscuits and I won't tell more because there's so much words about the Skids present... and this is just a little life sign today.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

DESTINATION ZERO - Suiciety 1988

As Punk has lost at the end of the 80's its aggressiveness and hardness a lot of many new bands formed and choose a new direction in terms of punk rock. So here is a good example: Destination Zero, four piece from Hamburg with ex-members of Slime (Elf, guitars + vox) and Razzia (P. Siegler, drums) and they play a solid Rock'n'Roll with a dark touch and nasty words. Their first sign of life are on the great Hamburg '88 compilation with two cuts, 'Kicks' is also on this debut album but in a different version I think, released by the Reeperbahn label Bitzcore, this album struck me like a bomb, hard, excellent production and with a powerful sound that brings houses to collape, really a fat singular release. In 1990 they recorded their second called "Survive" and one year later the last, a mini LP (Mr.Evil), both by Ruff & Roll Recordings released. In the same year the band broke up and Elf played again with Slime. - What's left: a cool album with many highlights!

SKÄMS - Live Folkets Park 1979 EP

For two days I have mainly been working with live music and there comes this, probably a bootleg, EP just right. Skäms was the first punk band out of the Värmland area (the city of Kristinehamn) in Sweden and they released their only record 'Konfirmationen' via Ny Betong (500 copies) and try a listen to this rare gem on the great SwedishPunkFanzines page where you even find more infos about the band. The four recordings are not badly recorded and convey a magnificent impression of the late 70s as punk the hearts of many dissenter and outsider conquered; loud, energetic, unrestrained and very attractive.
1980 the band broke up, appreciated on relevant compilations. Top!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -


Friday, 17 November 2017

THE CROWDS - Sieger Sind Die Helden 1986

The Crowds is a damn cool punk band from Munich and they kickin' since the wild 80's in Munich - but strangely, they always led a largely unnoticed shadow existence. I first took notice of them via a compilation called Kulturschock Attacke #2. Punkrock gems such as their debut single 'Lügner' and this great mini album were, if anything, only perceived by some music insiders or punks to know and appreciate. And strangely enough, in Germany, very few people know the mega-punk hit 'Little Big Horn', what a shame! Sieger Sind Die Helden (one of my favorite D-Punk slabs, Riot Records) is peppered with eight fantastic tracks, hard and with provocative lyrics as I like it. No leaf is taken in front of the mouth and everything else would have been a disappointment, fat 100% production and they, probably with Razzia, one of the first bands which used a keyboard, absolute brilliant sound. B.T.W., this awsome record is meanwhile reissued with bonus material. This is my fresh rip from yesterday... in this sense.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

OHEISVASARA - Vasaranmerkki EP 1998

Another finnish hardcore band I bring in your house is this eight killer attack EP! Founded in the late 90s in Helsinki by Une (vocals), Mariska (vocals), Janne (guitar), Uosu (bass) & Pete (drums), they have previously published a couple of split EP's and in September 1998 they recorded their "first" EP and is released via the belgian label Prejudice Production in a limited edition in fat blood-red vinyl (so my copy). Full wild, rough, fast sound and the energetic female/male vocals gives the songs a delicious listening experience (I speak only for myself you know, haha..), comparisons for example with the Danish punx Paragraf 119 lie close. OK! enough babble. Get this lolly quick and Finnish HC rules!

PARASITES - Last Caress 7'' 1991

Well, there are songs which are predestined for cover versions and you really make nothing wrong with that and a perfect example is 'Last Caress' from the Misfits. Many bands use this goodie and I have not heard a bad one and the Parasites played a few (remember their En Homage Aux Beatles EP). Released via Shredder came this green sleeve version out in a total of 2845 copies on orange marbled vinyl. The flip is a demo of 'Fool For You'. Nice one!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

DIE SKEPTIKER - Die Anderen Bands EP 1989

Very cool debut record by Die Skeptiker, founded 1986 in East-Berlin by Eugen (vocals), Andreas, Christoph (guitars), Andreas (bass) and Marcel (drums) and they were part of the so-called Die anderen Bands (The Other Bands), a conceptual summary for alternative music bands in the last years of the G.D.R. and characterized among other things by more frequent use of open or hidden system-critical lyrics and many participants coined the turn of 1989 with. The band is one of the few which could gain a foothold in unified Germany even after the "turnaround" and was more or less successful. After two demo tapes and the rising popularity of the band the Berlin label Amiga was forced to release this EP plus the debut album 'Harte Zeiten'. Then numerous LP's, Gigs, etc followed and in 2000 the band broke up temporarily. 2006 was the 20th anniversary of the band and since then they keep rockin'. My special thx to iNgo at this point who inherit me this rare slab.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

V/A - Go Ahead Make My Day/Smashing Odds Ness 2 1989

We stay fast, dirty, rough and aggressive and move to the east in our beautiful world and make stop in Japan. Odds Ness Records released this magnificent compilation with nine combos and immortalized twenty-four "Fuck You" trashers in the typical scream-melodic-wacky land of the rising sun style. Most of the bands have a few releases out and as always with Far East bands very rare and hardly available here in Europe. That's why compilations are made that bring us closer to the stuff through small labels or distributions (or via www). The first volume was released as an EP in 1987 with eight nuggets. Together, all fit on a CD. I think it's time for breakfast.

1.Change - F.V.K.
2.A Rumor-Monger - F.V.K.
3.Keep On Thinking - F.V.K.
4.Misunderstanding - F.V.K.
5.Wind Of Pain - BASTARD
6.(Not!) Weak Persons - DON DON
7.Final Terror - DON DON
8.Damn Christians - SIC
9.Easy Tube Selfish - SIC
10.Because I Hate You - SIC
11.Song Of Hope - SIC
12.New Song Today - SIC
13.童夢 - COMPLETE
14.108 - COMPLETE
15.Dark Street - SICILIAN BLOOD
17.The Matter - SWEATS
18.Weight Around - SWEATS
19.Seized Fear - SWEATS
21.Over The War...? - ASBESTOS
22.Fall Down - IDORA
23.Empty - IDORA
24.Communication Break Down - IDORA