Sunday, 25 June 2017

V/A - Death Pays All Debts [Tape] 1988

One last post today and first it's not my rip but I've improved the quality a bit and delete the quite passages between the songs, now it's a 1A thing. But the reason for me to present it here again is easy: I love New Zealand stuff and this tape is full with great Bands/Songs. For example Boner, their music is so great and they never made a record, a real shame in my opinion, Armatrak is just as fantastic and they made a few 7Inches and have a song on the extra album of Life Is A Joke #2 by Weird System. Compos Mentis and Casualty made also some 7Inches and the rest only on tape. I recommend a visit to Stig's Mad Blast Of Chaos blog and grab the two Rising From Ashes tapes. Oha, it goes dark outside, cloudburst? Have a pleasant Sunday with this tape from Battery Hen Cassettes and I hope anyone sends finally the NZ stuff from the Wanted List.

1.Closet - BONER
3.No Wars - WORLD WAR 3
4.Pox Ridden - CASUALTY
5.Of Sound Mind - COMPOS MENTIS
6.Radio - BONER
7.Concret Incased Life - STENCH OF THE WOUNDED
8.Money Farm - ARMATRAK
9.I'll Never Change - CASUALTY
10.N.Z. Is A Joke - WORLD WAR 3
11.No One Cares - WORLD WAR 3
12.No Escape - ARMATRAK
13.Blind Ambition - CASUALTY
14.Dirty Old Len - BONER
15.Join The Civies - STENCH OF THE WOUNDED
16.Song For -10 - COMPOS MENTIS
17.Fascist Fashion - ARMATRAK
18.Babies - BONER

KRAFT DURCH FREUDE - Wir Bleiben Kameraden 1979

This is a quick re-post, first posted 2011 via the unfortunately no longer active Girls From Tahiti blog. I remember, I posted their 7Inch 'I've Got A Whole Lotta Love' on DU [Via, your work ;) ] many days ago and I was searchin' for this record a long time and the wait had finally ended six years ago. Kraft Durch Freude were a short-lived punk powerpop combo from Zurich and founded by Rudolph Dietrich (vocals+guitar), Heinrich (bass) and Schlatter (drums). This 12'' is their debut record and released via Off Course Records, the Swiss label par excellence, which publishing extremely cool records by top bands and nowadays very rare and most wanted. Seven melodic goodies on Kameraden, excellent starting the day with an extensive breakfast in bed. Compilation featuring the band: Definitiv Zurich and Swiss Wave. After the single the band broke up and continued to make music in other, not unknown bands. For all German-speaking readers I recommend this site with a report about the Swiss scene of the 80s.

RAW POWER - Wop Hour EP 1985

Let's start this cloudy Sunday with one of the bands that immediately impressed me: Raw Power from Poviglio/Reggio Emilia. Formed 1981 by brothers Mauro (vocals) and Giuseppe Codeluppi (guitar). With Davide (guitar), Maurizio (bass) and Fabiano (drums) they recorded 1983 their first tape and this excited attention and they were represented on some famous compilations. In 1984 the debut 'You Are The Victim' was released via Meccano Records and is in my opinion one of the best Hardcore records everSo they were finally established world-wide, especially in the States they toured with renowned bands and also in Europe they were valued. Several line up changes, a further series of compilations and lots of albums come out. On 6. October 2002 Guiseppe died unexpectedly and Raw Power at first stopped playing and then decided to continue (another member Luca Carpi died two years later, aged only 34). Raw Power are always a great pleasure for me, especially live and listen here for more stuff and be thankful to the longest-running band in history of Italian hardcore punk. This EP is the re-release with five tracks on Westworld. Fuck Authority, Grazie!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

COMBAT 84 - Tooled Up EP 2009

Now a band which provided for a lot jabbering in the press although in my opinion they made clear that they are no fascists: Combat 84 was founded in London by Chris (vocals), 'Deptford' John (bass), Jim (guitar) and Brownie (drums) and a contract with Secret Records was within reach but didn't come because Chris probably gave some racist utterances, which I do not know exactly, but today as then, the masses are quick to interpret it as they want. So the band sign to Victory Records and 1982 their first EP 'Orders Of The Day' came out. 'Rapist' followed a year later and the German label Rock-O-Rama released in 1984 the full-length 'Send In The Maines', today a rare and coveted collector's item (the record was disowned by the band, which split up soon after), I sold mine. Years with bans from clubs and nervous interviews brought the guys almost at the edge of sanity but they don't give up and in 2000 they are back with five new tracks, first as CD then 2009 as vinyl on their own label 7th Cavalry Records released. I mean, Combat 84 are one of the few Oi! bands who know what they want and say what they feel, freedom of speech is as important as respect. Chris died on 31. October 2013 after a long period of deteriorating health. So in this file are all their three 7Inches, Cheers!

- Great Thx to Fredrik -

SIDESHOW BOB - The Cat In The Hat EP 1997

From California comes this awesome Punkrock band and I have to confess they are completely unknown to me: TILL NOW!! Nowadays we can get lots of infos about every shit (scandal/war/castration, etc...) via internet, but such great little bands like we have here, I find nothing. Well, that's just it and that is why I write these lines. This record was released in edition of 313 copies by Shady Troll Records, the home of the best D.I.Y. punk rock out there! And on it four cracker which fucks your brain out and you want a guitar to strain any amp. They're rough, dirty, funny and hot as hell. Incredible!!!

- Special Thx to Sunny -

Friday, 23 June 2017

YPÖ-VIIS - Karhulan Poikii/Koko Stoori 2002

Again visiting Finland and stop in Karhula, home of Ypö-Viis. I wrote much info in their Hyvästi 7'' post and I know the download link is expired but don't worry, on this compilation from Poko Records are all their studio + live recordings (1979-1980) they ever released. In whole thirty-five melodic polar lights and the detailed booklet tells you when and where the originals appeared. Confed Cup runs well for the German team, weather is great and I need a little oxygen and enjoy myself on the Main to calm down a little bit. I wish you all an exciting weekend with lots of music, beer and fun!

- Great Thx to Marcus -

Thursday, 22 June 2017

CHELSEA - We Dare EP 1994

One of the 'oldest' UK punk bands are Chelsea from London and their story starts in 1976 and more than two decades after its release, "Right To Work", Chelsea's debut single, is included in Mojo Magazine's list of the best punk rock singles of all time. So you can search for more info about the band the web and for more music move over to the great F.P.F.T.P. blog and choose your favorite record from the generous offer. On this nice 7Inch, released via the German Weser Label, are three hymns. We Dare is sung in German with text translation while the flip comes with two live goodies, recorded at their German tour September/October 1994. A brilliant idea I find.

- Huge Thx to Fredrik -

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

X-BELIEBIG - Leben Ist Blut 7'' 1982

Started 1980 in Vienna, X-Beliebig based primarily on German Punk, although none of them felt as a punk. After months of rehearsals, followed later that year the first performance at the Wiener Neustadt Snack Bar, followed by numerous gigs which organized by the band themselves and in summer they released their first 7'' on Panza-Platte, "Leben Ist Blut" become a hit at the U4. Founding member Franz then left the band and was replaced by Zoltán and they moved away from punk and turned more towards to Wave (inspired by bands such as Joy Division). Shortly they released a mini-LP which is hardly known today and extremely difficult to find. After a gig in Innsbruck the band disbanded in 1983. Visit the Austro-Rock-Lexikon blog for more secrets and catch this rare copy yet!

Monday, 19 June 2017

WORKMATES - Live In Berlin EP 1980

Not much known about this five piece from Rotterdam. Only this record from Kreuzhammer with five cool punkies. Remarkable women and man singing, ergo two singers plus the amazingly good recording quality. Berna Bermate & Harry Storemate (vox), Martin (guitar), Hermann (bass) and Herman (drums). That's it!